My teaching activities.

My teaching activities at UNRC have been centred around courses on Algorithms and Data Structures. I also teach or have taught elective and graduate courses on Software Engineering, Concurrency, Foundations of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Concretely, since 2003, I’ve taught the following courses: -Distributed and Outsourced Software Engineering -Algorithm Design Techniques -Data Structures and Algorithms -Algebraic Specification -Advanced Programming -Software Verification and Validation -Software Development using Design by Contract -Artificial Intelligence -Computing Analyst’s Final Project -Concurrent Program Design

First Semester of 2023

During the first semester of 2023 I’ll be teaching a course on Concurrent Program Design. This is an elective course for the Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Computación degree, jointly taught with Germán Regis. Students willing to take the course can contact me or Germián via email, for further details.

Second Semester of 2023

To be defined.