Former and current supervision of students and researchers.

Currently, I supervise or co-supervise several undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoc research associates and researchers. In the Formal Methods and Software Engineering Research Group we are constantly looking for students willing to do their final projects in the context of the group’s research interests. Students interested in software analysis, testing, formal methods, theory of computer science, software engineering, and related subjects, please contact me via email or personally. We are rather flexible in defining topics for final projects and theses, and we have several interesting proposals.

The students and postdocs that I currently supervise and had supervised are detailed below.

Current supervision

Assistant Researchers
  • Renzo Degiovanni (on leave, pursuing a postdoc at SnT University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Simón Gutiérrez Brida
  • Facundo Molina (on leave, pursuing a postdoc at IMDEA Software, Madrid, Spain)
  • Pablo Ponzio
  • Germán Regis

PhD Students
  • Marcelo Arroyo
  • Sonia Permigiani
  • Gastón Scilingo
  • Ariel Godio (co-supervised with Marcelo Frias)

Undergraduate Students
  • Agustín Nolasco (co-supervised with Facundo Molina)
  • Claudio Dosantos (co-supervised with Facundo Molina)

Previous supervision

Former PhD Students
  • Araceli Acosta
  • Valeria Bengolea
  • Renzo Degiovanni
  • Simón Gutiérrez Brida
  • Facundo Molina
  • Pablo Ponzio
  • Germán Regis